Getting Started

Getting started at CrossFit Merge is easy.  Simply call us (818) 640-6708 to schedule a FREE one on one intro session.
Because CrossFit is such a unique fitness and personal development program, we start everyone off with a complimentary intro session to provide you with the appropriate context as you begin this new and rewarding change in your life.
During the intro session, you’ll get a tour of our facility, an explanation of CrossFit and our philosophy, and then experience CrossFit first hand with a workout.  The workout is simple yet challenging and is scalable for anyone’s level of fitness.
The intro will allow us to assess your current fitness level and discuss your fitness goals in order to determine which membership option is right for you.
After the introduction, you will be able to jump right into our group classes, no “On-Ramp” program. You will be placed in a group of equal ability members and get started right away. Yes, these will be appropriate for you’re current level of fitness, but challenging nonetheless.
If you want to learn more about CrossFit, read these article below:
What is Fitness?
CrossFit Foundations
Call us at (818) 640-6708 to schedule your FREE intro.  
The Training You Can Expect at CrossFit Merge 
CrossFit Merge is a unique fitness school that specializes in teaching the best methods to spark your fitness transformation.  We will remove the work of planning your own workouts, teach you proper lifting techniques, and provide the most energized and supportive environment to excel at your goals.
Our programs offer you a chance to challenge yourself beyond any routine.  We exercise to better perform at the sports we play, to build a healthy body, to ease our daily stressors, and to improve the quality of our lives.  After all, what are you training for?  
The CrossFit Merge Difference
As an athlete here at CrossFit Merge, you can expect an active community filled with a competitive edge, great work ethic, and dynamic coaching.  Each class is energized with athletes like you, each focused on building new skills, working towards common goals, and having fun.  You will see that our programs are inclusive of weight training, body weight movements, and an amazing intensity that will promote drastic results in your fitness.  Our movements are scalable to your individual fitness level and will adapt with your increase in fitness.  Some of our equipment includes kettlebells, barbells, plyometric boxes, dumbbells, squat racks, medicine balls, bumper plates, gymnastics rings, etc…
Our 1-hour classes will maximize your workout and save you time.  Your only job is to show up!  You’ll meet new faces every class, but remember old ones.  Your confidence will grow as your strength and fitness does.  Your training will promote tremendous returns in many areas.  You can expect accountability for your training, help setting your fitness goals, and recognition for your accomplishments!
Call us at (818) 640-6708 to schedule your FREE intro.

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