About Us

CrossFit Merge, Glendale’s first CrossFit Gym

We believe exercise and physical activity are essential to one’s wellbeing. Regardless of age or ability, the human body was designed and desires the stimulus of exercise and physical activity, and our level of fitness is how we measure the efficacy of our exercise routine.
We believe the body functions most naturally and best when viewed and used as a complete and integrated system.  We believe that conventional methods and wisdom cannot offer beneficial and useful levels of fitness. We believe isolation movements from weight machines and routine cardio, the foundation of the typical workout, offer only marginal benefits because they are counter to the natural movements of our body.  There is a better way to achieve great fitness and wellbeing.
By using functional, natural, movements, movements that mimic tasks we perform in the real world daily, CrossFit can achieve high levels of fitness and wellbeing. By constantly varying our exercise routine, we can make continual gains in our fitness and wellbeing, where conventional methods cannot. By introducing relative intensity into our exercise routines, we enable our bodies to positively adapt, both in performance and in our bodily form, to this new exercise stimulus. Finally, by working out in a group environment, with diligent coaching, motivation, and safety, we can build a community and support network that will keep you committed toward any fitness goal you have.
Ready to try it out?
CrossFit Merge has no mirrors and no machines.  Just hard, effective training with earned results.

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