Make Up Day or Hero Day

First, how about a round of applause to Rick for signing up over 20 people to the Whole Life Challenge.  With that, he won our iPad Mini giveaway!  Congratulations are definitely in order for Rick.

Rick, the winner of the iPad Mini and captain of the Disgruntled Winos.

Second, please note that Wednesday’s 7pm class will be the Whole Life Challenge baseline workout.  If you’re signed up for the challenge and haven’t done the baseline workout yet, 7pm Wednesday is your last chance.  Bring your ‘A’ game and let’s do it.  

Last, how about a Wednesday Hero WOD?  Muscle-ups, thrusters, and toes to bar…sounds wicked.


All Classes except the 7pm class

Skills:  Review the workout movements



25 minute AMRAP of:

7 muscle-ups

11 thrusters (155#/103# for women)

14 toes to bar


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