Can You Spot The Fake?

Take a look at this photo.

This was from an article entitled 17 Signs You’re Obsessed With CrossFit.  

They forgot to add sign number 18, which is you automatically critique the horrible form in a “CrossFit” article photo, especially photos like the one in this article.

Why this so-called trainer is focused on her back when her basic setup does not even resemble anything close to a proper barbell movement, is beyond me.  But what do I know?

Shantanu was in shock after reading that article.  


All Levels and Beginner Class


4 sets of run 400 meter, rest 30 seconds, then AMRAP of:

Handstand push-ups (Set 1)

Ring dips (Set 2)

Pull-ups (Set 3)

Toes to Bar (Set 4)

Rest 2 minutes between sets


12 minute AMRAP of:

6 pull-ups

12 wall ball shots (20#/14# for women)

100 meter run

Intermediate athletes upscale to unbroken pull-ups and wall ball shots

Women’s Class

Skill:  Push press



15 minute AMRAP of:

5 push presses (93#)

10 hand release push-ups

15 ring rows

Advanced Class

‘Unbroken 2.0’

7 rounds for time of:

4 handstand push-ups

5 cleans (135#/105# for women)

6 chest to bar pull-ups

7 kettlebell swings (70#/53# for women)

You must complete all movements unbroken


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