The Early Days

Shooting the bull with Tim, Annie, and Delaney after class on Tuesday, the early days of CrossFit Merge came up.  Take a look at some of the very first classes in the history of CrossFit Merge, which by the way, I still remember every detail of those classes.  

The first “big” class with people that didn’t know one another prior.  They bonded through the shared misery of the WOD.

Sal wrote his name in the Merge history books by getting the first muscle-up.

Kenny said he was so sore after his first CrossFit workout that he couldn’t lift his arms to play video games.  He knew then he needed more of this type of training.  Here he is deadlifting 95#, a heavy weight for him then, and now.  I kid, sort of.

OG member Annelise learning the kettlebell swing…for the very first time, in a class of probably just her and me.

Cory, totally pooped after his first WOD with us.  He probably had Taco Bell right before.  

The first team workout at Merge.  Check out a relatively hairless, facially at least, Chris Horton.  That was a fun WOD.  We’ll do it again soon.

And of course, one of my best friends and the very first CrossFit Merge member, Shantanu.  

Lots of memories from the early days, and as Tim Riggins would say, we’re going to make a lot more memories.  CrossFit Merge: Fitness For The Win!


All Levels and Beginner Class

Skill:  Bench Press



5 rounds for max total reps:

20 seconds of max push presses (95#/63# for women)

10 seconds of rest

20 seconds of max pull-ups

10 seconds of rest

20 seconds of max hang snatches (95#/63# for women)

Beginners will sub jumping chest to bar pull-ups and kettlebell swings

Women’s Class

Skill:  Press


In between sets of presses, 10 heavy kettlebell swings


For time:

500 meter row

40 air squats

30 sit-ups

20 push-ups

10 pull-ups

Advanced Class

Special Birthday Workout (OPEN TO ANYONE!)

For time:

31 power snatches (135#/93# for women)

Then 3 rounds of:

5 barbell complexes (1 complex = 3 deadlifts + 3 front squats + 3 power clean and jerks)

10 chest to bar pull-ups

15 burpee box jumpovers (24″/20″ for women)

Then 100 double-unders


One response to “The Early Days

  • bikecurb

    I’m sure most people don’t know it but the roots of merge started on the driveway of Bryce’s parent’ house with three athlete , you’ve come a long way Bryce, well done

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