The Whole Life Challenge + iPad Mini =…

…too good to be true!  Duh! 

More on the Mini in a bit.  

So here’s the skinny:

The Whole Life Challenge (WLC) is back!  What’s the WLC all about?  It’s a chance for you to challenge yourself, your family and friends, and challenge the world!


The Whole Life Challenge is an all encompassing physical and mental challenge, available to CrossFit Merge members, friends, and families.

What is it?

An 8 week challenge of your overall health and commitment.  Nutrition, exercise, mobility, recovery, lifestyle…all of it will be tested and improved.


To move your Health and Fitness to the next level.  And there are some badass prizes too.


NOW!  Register yourself and friends today!   The early bird discount ends August 7th.

Challenge begins with weigh-in, measurements, and a baseline workout on September 7th.

Oh yeah, have you heard the rumors that the baseline workout is going to be the world famous, CrossFit Football Occupy Strength Workout?  Yeah, it’s going to be pretty flippin fun and epic.  And we can of course scale workouts for your friends and family members that are new to CrossFit.


Compete against fellow Mergers, your family, and CrossFitters worldwide.

How do you win?

Winners will be determined by accountability (50%), workout improvement (25%), and measurement improvement (25%).

What do you win?

Aside from a fitter, better, and healthier life, Cash Prizes will be awarded for accomplishments like “Most Improved” and “Spirit of the Challenge”—so you have a lot of chances to win!

This means that anyone can win a prize, not just the fittest, fastest, or most diet conscious.

And whoever gets the most friends and family members (e.g. non-CrossFit Merge members) to join The Whole Life Challenge will also win an iPad Mini!  That’s right, an iPad Mini.  

Not only are you getting people to totally transform their lives, but you can also win a sweet Apple product.  And who, besides this guy, doesn’t love Apple products?

So, are you in with the cool kids or not?


Jane’s ready.  Are you?


All Classes

Skill:  2 push presses + 4 push jerks

5 sets, increasing the weight each set


5 rounds for time of:

100 meter run

10 push jerks (115#/78# for women)

10 lateral hop burpees


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