Beat Your High School Self?

Imagine Doc Brown’s time machine allowed you to travel back in time where you could meet and challenge your high school self.  Ok.  Are you picturing yourself there?  

You’re back in high school, staring down your younger version, and you wonder, could I beat my high school self in a physical challenge of some sort?  

Could you beat your high school self in a 400 meter run?  

Could you beat your high school self in a strength test, like a heavy lift?

Could you beat your high school self in an agility test, or what about the high jump?  

Take a few minutes and list some ways in which your CrossFit endeavor has made you fitter than your high school self.  

In which areas are you better and fitter than your high school self?  Where are you not?  Where are you not, but think you could be better than your high school self in the future.  Post your thoughts to the comments.

Could the high school Adrienne shoulder a 73# Atlas stone?  I wonder.


All Levels/Beginner Class

Skill:  Rope climbing, to include legless (where long socks, yo!)



150 wall ball shots for time

Any guess at who requested this for his/her birthday WOD?

Women’s Class 

Skill:  Push Press



14 minute AMRAP of:

7 push presses (63#)

7 box jumps (20″)

7 pull-ups

Advanced Class

The Trial By Fire WOD returns!  Who’s going to make the time cap?  


5 responses to “Beat Your High School Self?

  • Sam

    I had not done a push up since I was twelve before trying Crossfit in 2007. My HS self would be in tears!

  • Alex dos Santos

    I was definitely more agile and better at body weight exercises in HS. However, I weighed a buck-fifty and had no back problems! My current self would probably clean-and-jerk my young self into a group of cute girls that my young self was too shy to ever talk to. Young self would then run away while my current self would laugh, then complain about his (3rd person?) tired sore back.

  • Bryce

    I would crush my high school self in everything but really long distance running, 10+ miles. Also, not that I was ever really good at hitting a baseball, but I’m probably a worse hitter now.

  • Larry David

    Bryce is very modest about his baseball day, especially before high school. He was a pitcher and had a heck of a curve ball. Was not the greatest hitter but nobody had a better hand then him. Ask him about the time when he was playing in the Protocol League and man an unassisted triple play, or was it a double, can’t remember, but it was amazing.

  • Pat

    My high school self would kick my butt in sprints and hurdles. But my today self would come out on top when it comes to skills in gymnastics and weight lifting.

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