What Fires You Up?

Picture the scene.  You’re at the gym.  You stare at the barbell in front of you.  It’s loaded up with a PR weight.  You’re nervous.  You’ve been wanting to get this weight for a good while now.  You know it’s heavy.  So what do you do to psych yourself up for the lift?  Do you stomp your feet?  Do you beat your chest like a silverback gorilla?  Maybe you close your eyes and visualize making the lift in your head?

When I’m looking for some inspiration, nothing fires me up like this one scene from the 1997 film, The Edge.

It stars Anthony Hopkins and the always great Alec Baldwin as two survivors of a plane crash in the Alaska wilderness.  Trying to make it back to civilization, a massive grizzly bear is stalking them.  They come to the decision that the only way to survive is to hunt and kill the massive beast.  Below is Anthony Hopkins’ pep talk.  Enjoy!

For more scenes from this film, including the epic show down with the bear, watch here at 4:21.  

What are some of your sources of motivation and inspiration?



All Levels Class

Skill: 1 press + 2 push presses + 3 push jerks

5 sets, increasing the weight each set


Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:

6 burpees

5 kettlbell swings (70#/53# for women)

4 goblet squats (70#/53# for women)

For every failed minute, perform 20 seconds of flex arm hang

Inaugural Women Only Class

Skill: Overhead squats


In between sets of squats, ring dip practice


7 rounds for time of:

7 overhead squats (63#)

7 pull-ups

Advanced Class

Skill: Push jerks


Butterfly pull-up practice


9 minute AMRAP of:

5 bear complexes (95#/63# for women)

10 ring dips

Rest 1 minute, then 200 double-under for time.


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