Time To Get Excited…

It’s time to get excited.  “Hang on a second Brian, what is this unfounded, sudden burst of enthusiasm all about?”  Honestly, I really just wanted to make this blog entry about my new favorite recipe, but I found another reason.  Every so often, I find it necessary to sit down and check in with myself.  Really take a minute and remind myself why I’m here, why I train, and eat the way I do.  It’s time to re-assess and get excited about the long term benefits of exercise and eating clean.  It’s time to get excited about the delicious foods available to help accomplish goals.  Why are you here?  Why do you train?  It could be to prevent diabetes.  Lose weight.  Get stronger.  Train for a sport.  Look good naked.  Speaking of things to get excited about, here’s a fantastic recipe from Sarah Fragoso.  It’s extremely easy to make and it’ll yield enough food for a few days.  The time is now, get excited.  



Don’t forget we will not be here this Saturday.  We’ll meet at Mulholland Fountain for a park WOD, capture the flag with water balloons, and much more fun!  It’ll be a total blast, but also extremely hot so be sure and bring plenty of water and sun block.  More info here.


Beyond-Easy Pulled Pork

Dry Rub
3 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tbsp dried parsley
1/4 ssp chipotle powder
2 tsp salt

4-5 pound pork butt roast or shoulder
2 yellow onions

Mix the dry rub ingredients in a small bowl.  Rub the entire roast with the dry rub (use it all).  Place a layer of sliced onions on the bottom of your slow cooker.  Place the roast on top.  Put the rest of the sliced onions on top of the roast.  (No liquid is necessary.)  Cook the roast on high for 5-6 hours, and turn it down to low for another 3-4 hours or until the roast is falling apart and easy to shred.



Rope climbs

Workout of the Day:

15 minute AMRAP of:

20 wallball shots (20# for men/14# for women)

10 toes to bar

10 burpees

*Upscaling option for advanced: 1 rope climb

*Beginners will substitute V-Ups for toes to bar


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