A Special Guest Blog by Brodie Foster


CrossFit Merge has got to be one of the coolest boxes around! Our athletes are seriously some of the best people you could ever run into. Brodie and Megan are some of the wonderful members that make our community so unique and amazing. Brodie is an excellent writer who has been blogging about his CrossFit experience. Today, we get to read one of his entries on “Progress”. And without further ado, hear it from Brodie:


Change is inevitable. Progress is an unstoppable force. It’s lucky for me that I’m such an adaptable creature. Sometimes, it’s overwhelmed me. My life has had its share of drama, tragedies, and anxieties. I’ve cried in the corner when I’ve needed to but I’ve wiped my tears and carried on. The more I’ve been through, the more I’ve had to choose between breaking or bending, I’ve better realized that every shakeup is a chance at improvement, maybe even reinvention.

This attitude has helped me, as I understand they say in the military, “embrace the suck.” Not that I would equate any bad relationships or career troubles over the years with a tour of duty in the Middle East. But if I could put a new spin on the phrase, I have also been applying this philosophy to running full throttle at things I’m horrible at. I’m not good in the kitchen, so I baked blondie bars. They were good – of course, they were from a Trader Joe’s mix. I’m not whipping things together from scratch yet. But I’ll keep trying new recipes. Another example – I was bad at pushups all my life, but I got better at them this month by forcing myself to do a lot of them near daily.

The same thing happened with deadlifts. It was one of the first things I attempted and failed in CrossFit, so I started concentrating on practicing them. Now, I’m deadlifting 1.25 times my bodyweight.

Merge is where I did the first Olympic weightlifting in my life. Years ago, even one year ago, I never would have envisioned myself taking on such an endeavor. But I’m getting stronger. I see my body changing. There’s actually muscles showing in my arms. I want to keep going. I want to see what else is possible.

Progress is just as important with things we’re good at. A lot of CrossFitters I know hate box jumps but I loved them right away. Many WODs prescribe 24″ boxes for the guys and I achieved that relatively quickly. That’s why I was happy to take on a skill practice one night where me and the rest of the class kept increasing the height of our boxes to see how high we could go with five unbroken box jumps. Over the next several weekends in open gym, I continued this challenge, and I made it to five unbroken box jumps at 40″.

In many aspects of my life, I look back at what I was and am glad at where I am. Glad… but not satisfied. Not complacent. There’s always more I can do, more I can learn, more I can take on. Having been nudged out of my comfort zone, I am inspired to tackle new challenges.

Progress is beautiful. Evolution is the journey that makes the destination worth it. I’m excited to see where all my travels take me and what they make me.


All Levels/Intermediate Skill:

3 power cleans + 3 front squats + 3 push jerks

5 sets, increasing in weight

Beginner Skill:

From the rack:

3 front squats + 3 push presses
5 sets, increasing in weight

Workout of the day (WOD):

4 rounds for time:

7 power cleans (135/93)
7 lateral bar hop burpees
100 meter run

*Beginners will sub front squats from the rack and regular burpees

Weightlifting Class:

Snatches from position 1 and to mid-thigh and stand up



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