Bon Voyage

It was a sad day on CrossFit Merge last Saturday because we had to say goodbye to Laura and Cillian.  This hip young couple came to our community about a year ago and didn’t hesitant in jumping right into all the CrossFit fun.

They showed up to class every time with smiles, alacrity, and terrific attitudes.  They worked hard and consistently, and their fitness gains were only surpassed by the number of friends they made here.  We will for sure miss them, and I hope they can visit soon for a workout.

Just a few of their many great photos.


All Classes

Skill:  Back squat



10 minute Work Capacity Test

4 minutes max row for calories

1 minute rest

3 minutes of max pull-ups

1 minute rest

2 minutes max back squats (bodyweight/ 3/4 bodyweight for women)

1 minute rest

1 minute of max push presses/jerks (135#/93# for women)

Score is total reps and calories


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