More Throwdown Stuff!

We are just two days away from our Summer Team Throwdown!  Here are a few more timeline events:

  • 8am – Gym opens
  • 9am – Mandatory briefing, a Team Captain from each team must be present
  • 9:15am – Team introductions
  • 9:30am – Heat 1 of WOD 1 “Squat Face” begins
  • 9:50am – Heat 2 of WOD 1 “Squat Face begins
  • 10:20am – Heat 1 of WOD 2 “The Dead End” begins
  • 10:55am – Heat 2 of WOD 2 “The Dead End” begins
  • The rest of the Throwdown timeline to be determined on Saturday

Please keep in mind that this is a tentative timeline and we will do our best to keep things moving.  The more you can help us out, the better.

Also, we encourage you to bring friends and family members to the event to take pictures of you working out.  Also encourage them to bring camp stools and other collapsable chairs as seats are limited.  Thanks.

And here is WOD 3 “Girls Gone Wild” described and detailed and with an added twist just to keep it interesting.


All Classes

Skill: Timed 500 meter row and 800 meter run

Rest approximately 4 minutes between the row and run


For max total reps, double alternating tabata of:

Toes to bar

Box jumps (30″/24″ for women)

Finisher: Coach’s Choice

Advanced Class

Part A: Front squat, find a 3 rep max, then 3×3 at 92.5% of the 3 rep max

Part B: Max strict handstand push-ups, right into kipping handstand push-ups

Part C:

3 rounds for time of:

500 meter row

15 box jumps (30″/24″ for women)

10 thrusters (135#/93# for women)


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