How To Prepare Your Friends

Our popular Bring a Friend (or two) Days are back this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On those days you can bring your friends in for any class. Here are a few things to help prepare your friends:

1. Send them a few articles and show them a few CrossFit videos (just let them know that they won’t be doing anything that intense and that the workout will be a team one).

2. Give them the address of the gym (1517 Railroad Street, Glendale), let them know where they can park, and give them this map just to make it as easy as possible.

3. Arrive with your friend about 10 minutes early to have him or her fill out the waiver. Then give your friend a tour of the gym and give them a rundown of how the class run.

4. Last, don’t ‘lose’ your friend. He or she might be pretty confused, so make sure you’re there to guide them through the class.

Let’s have fun and share some CrossFit love this week.

Annie’s first CrossFit experience was during our last Bring a Friend Day.


All Levels and Intermediate Classes

Skill: Front squats



12 minute AMRAP of:

10 pull-ups
12 front squats (115#/78# for women)
10 clapping push-ups

Beginner Class

Skill: Front squats



12 minute AMRAP of:

10 pull-ups
12 front squats
10 clapping push-ups


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