SFH Is Here!

You may have noticed a few shiny new items in the pro shop.  No that isn’t the sweat glistening off your fellow Mergers…it’s Stronger Faster Healthier Whey protein!

You’ll find two different kinds, PURE WHEY and RECOVERY.  Both contain high quality whey protein derived from 100% grass fed cows.  The RECOVERY version has BCAAs or branched chain amino acids.  BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and have various functions related to energy production and recovery.  It prevents the breaking down of muscle during exercise and increases performance.  Both the PURE WHEY and RECOVERY are fantastic options for that post WOD refuel.  Available in our Pro Shop in delicious vanilla or chocolate!



Intermediate and All Levels Class

Skill: Clean


*not touch and go, but quickly

At the end, one max set of unbroken dips – use bands as needed

Workout of the Day (WOD):

For time:

15 cleans (155#/103# for women)

30 pull ups

12 cleans

24 pull ups

9 cleans

18 pull ups

100 double unders 

Beginner Class


-Double under practice

-review the hang clean

Beginner Workout:

For time:

15 dumbbell hang cleans

30 pull ups to scale

12 dumbbell hang cleans

24 pull ups

9 dumbbell hang cleans

18 pull ups


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