Lost and Found

In case you haven’t noticed, our Lost and Found box has been multiplying exponentially and the time to clear it has finally arrived!  The box will be emptied and taken to be donated on Friday, May 18.  If you have misplaced anything, please check before then.  Otherwise, all contents will be donated and you’ll never find them again 🙂

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The noon class tackles Fran.

Tuesday’s Beginner/All Levels Skill:

Overhead Squat


Workout of the Day (WOD):

12 Tabata Rounds for Lowest Scores

Goblets Squats (70# for men/44# for women)
Kettlebell Swings

Intermediate Skill:

Power Snatch Complex

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, increasing the weight every other minute:

1 power snatch + 2 overhead squats

*you must get the weight before you advance

Intermediate WOD:

Same as All Levels


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