A Story About Pancakes

This is just a good story from John Welbourn about growing up, about life, and about pancakes…yep, pancakes.  Anyone that doesn’t like pancakes should be pushed in the mud, and this article includes a recipe for paleo pancakes.  

Wagon Wheels – John Welbourn

I started playing football my freshman year of high school. I was introduced to weight training the summer before as part of the football program. The first day I walked into the gym, I was 165 lbs and 6′ tall. I benched a ground breaking 115 lbs and squatted an ugly 185 lbs for 2 reps. Looking around at the seniors with full beards, I knew one thing, I needed to get stronger. I figured the easiest way to was to lift weights and try to gain weight…Read the whole article at this link.

Friday for All Classes

‘Fight Gone Bad’

3 rounds for max reps/calories of:

1 minute of max wall ball shots (20#/14# for women)

1 minute of max sumo deadlift high pulls (75#/53# for women)

1 minute of max box jumps (20″)

1 minute of max push presses (75#/53# for women)

1 minute of max calories on the rower

1 minute of rest between rounds

No rest in between movements



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