Bragging Rights

That’s right, we are giving you the right to BRAG 🙂 Brag about what you may ask?

Well, every month the coaches will write a skill on the white board.  This is our way of challenging you to achieve it.  Once you are able to do it, we want you to write your name on the board.  That way we celebrate it with you the entire month! 

This month’s skill is the pull up.  Did you get your first pull up yet?  Kipping? Strict?  If you have, let us know by writing your name up on that board and bragging to the world!  If you haven’t, work work work until you get it. 

How does this benefit you if you’ve already achieved that skill?

This is where you have the opportunity to beat the coaches!  Show us how many you can link or how heavy you can go.  What do you gain by beating us at a skill?  Bragging rights!! That’s right, you get to walk around the box, telling the whole world you’re better than us 😀  

So for our more experienced athletes, how many unbroken kipping pull ups can you do?  How many unbroken strict pull ups can you get? How about weighted pull ups? You’ll see our stats up there, be sure to write yours down!

Coach  Bryce can do 48 unbroken kipping pull ups!  Who’s going to beat that?!  He can also do a 100# weighted pull up!! 

Come in and show us what you’re made of  😉




Push press

Beginner/All Levels (WOD):

Run 200m

10 down to 1 of:

Dumbbell Push Press (40# for men/25# for women)

Run 200 m


Run 400 m

10 down to 1 of:

Toes to Bar
Push Press (115# for men/73# for women)

Run 400 m


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