What Will 13.4 Bring?

Class Schedule – We will be closed on Sunday, March 31st for Easter.

CrossFit Open WOD 13.4 comes out tomorrow.  What will it bring?  If I had to guess, based on the previous years’ Open workouts, we can expect to see some pull-up bar movement, pull-ups or toes to bar.  I would expect a squat of some sort, probably overhead squats, but maybe front squats, and I’m going out on a limb and guessing handstand push-ups as well. 

Why handstand push-ups?  Well, because they are becoming quite common now in CrossFit competitions and they are pretty easy to judge compared to other bodyweight pushing movements like push-ups and dips.  We shall see…


Mark doesn’t care what 13.4 is, he’s ready.  Can’t you tell?

Wednesday’s Workout

Skill: Push press



10 minute AMRAP (add 1 rep each round) of:

1 push press/jerk (115#/73# for women)

1 toes to bar

1 burpee

2 push presses/jerks

2 toes to bar

2 burpees…


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