Thank you Jane and Shirley!

Aside from the fact that we do the coolest workouts and CrossFit itself is simply awesome, CrossFit Merge is exceptionally lucky in having such an amazing group of athletes!  The community aspect of our box is just plain out awesome.  Everybody has something so integral to offer and we all end up being better athletes, friends, and people thanks to the bonds and friendships that are developed here.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Shirley and Jane for putting together such a fun event last night.  Mergers are ranting and raving about how yummy the food was, how they didn’t have to lose WLC points nor worry about what they were eating, and what fun memories they made hanging out.  Thank you Jane for opening up the doors of your aunt’s restaurant to us and making us feel even more like family and thank you Shirley and Jane for hosting such a successful event.  You guys rock!

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Tuesday’s All Levels and Beginner




Rowing technique

Max effort 500 meter row test


Workout of the Day (WOD):


2 person team, 20 min AMRAP:


Partner 1: 6 pull-ups

Partner 2: 100 meter row

Partner 1: 12 wall ball shots (20 for men/14 for women)

Partner 2: 12 kettlebell swings (53 for men/35 for women)


After 2 rounds, switch roles.  Partner 1 become partner 2.  

Intermediate class skill: kipping handstand push-ups (start watching at minute 3:40)


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