That Pesky Double-Under

So by now you have all heard about the new double-under policy at CrossFit Merge; a more appropriate labeling would be the single-under policy. Just in case you weren’t familiar with it, here it is:

Effective March 1, 2013, one can substitute single-unders for double-unders in a workout in the following ratios:

CrossFitting at Merge less than 3 months – 3 single-unders for 1 double-under

CrossFitting at Merge for more than 3 months but less than 6 months – 4 single-unders for 1 double-under

CrossFitting at Merge for more than 6 months – 5 single-unders for 1 double-under

This means you can do two things: 1. Get really, really, really good at single-unders, I’m talking about 250 in a minute, or 2. Learn the double-under.

Unlike doing a strict pull-up, everyone has the strength to turn the rope fast enough and jump high enough to spin the rope under your feet twice, but it’s the neurological components of coordination that literally trip you up. What’s the answer then…practice, practice, and more practice.

Read this article by the original firebreather, Greg Amundson, about his epic struggle and eventual mastery of the double-under.

The Chink in My Armor

And I’m not expecting anyone to reach this level of mastery with the jump rope, but these kids were pretty entertaining to watch.



Double-under practice

2 minute max double-under test


13 minute AMRAP of:

8 dumbbell thrusters (45#/25# for women) for beginners

or 8 dumbbell hang squat clean to thrusters (45#/25# for women) for intermediate

30 double-unders


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