Tips For Improving Your Back Squat

Squatting is fun! Heavy squatting is even more fun! Here are a few tips from to help you strengthen your squat.

1. Your heels come off the ground.
If you end up on your tip-toes in the hole, then you’re probably not using your hips and hamstrings to your full advantage. Take a shoulder-width or slightly wider stance, and begin the squat by pushing your hips BACK. If you think about sitting back – not down – you’ll be able to keep pressure on your heels.

2. Your knees cave inward.
Caved-in knees make it pretty much impossible to get a strong drive out of the bottom of a squat. To address this problem, try to shift your weight to the outsides of your feet, while also driving your knees apart throughout the movement. If this doesn’t cut it, you can force yourself into better form by wrapping a resistance band around your knees. This isn’t a permanent solution, but it can help you get used to pushing your knees out.

3. You pitch forward on the ascent.
It’s all too easy to let your form fall apart once you’re at the bottom. To stay upright on the ascent, drive your elbows forward and down. Allowing them to creep upwards and back just sets you up for failure. You may also want to bring in your grip on the bar. A narrow hand positioning makes it easier to stay tight and keep your back arched.

Thursday Skill

Back Squats

2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 (low bar or high bar)

30 second handstand hold between sets. If you cannot kick up, practice chest facing the wall walk ups

Workout of the Fay (WOD):

3 rounds for time of:

12 dumbbell thrusters (50/30)
12 handstand push-ups
400 meter run



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