My Top 5 Highlights from the Team Throwdown

Wow!  What an event last Saturday with our first ever Team Throwdown!  So many great moments, it was truly a pleasure to put on the event, plus it was really fun to watch.  Big thanks goes to all the friends, family, and Merger members that came out to support the teams.

Here are my top 5 highlights from the competition:

5.  The Team Names and Outfits – From the Super WOD Friends Team of Emman, Leon, and Shirley, to Baby Got Back Squat, the costumes, team cheers, and outfits totally rocked.  Just check out the photos.

super friends

The Boy WODer, WODer Woman, and The Flash.

The Mer-Vengers – Delyn, Tiffany, and Michael.

Team Baby Got Back Squat had the best cheer of, “36 – 24 – 36!”

The 6:30am Honey Badgers don’t care and do whatever the f*ck they want.

4.  All of first time competitors – Big congratulations to everyone that competed for the first time here at Merge!  Megan, Beth, Adam, Jane, Cillian, Laura, Justin, Luke, Fred C, LC, Kelly, Art, Michael, Tiffany, Miguel, Icee, and Rambert.  

It takes a lot of guts to step up and put yourself out there during the Throwdown.  I’m so proud of everyone for having the courage to challenge yourself and test your mettle.

First timers Kelly and LC trusting each other on the fireman’s carry.

3.  The Tunes – DJ Andrew once again killed it with awesome music.  Fast, loud, motivating…it was perfect.

Be sure to thank both Andrew and Zenda for putting on some great music during the Throwdown.

2.  The Incredible Workout Performances – From Brian competing in all 5 workouts, to Chris Backley doing more handstand push-ups than he had ever done before, to Laura and Jane crushing the front squats in the final workout…all the athletes took their game to another level.  It was amazing and inspiring.

1.  The Spirit of the Throwdown – Michael impressed everyone at the box with his sheer determination and heart.  Proving that age is just a number, his never quit attitude and spirit helped carry his Mer-Venger team to the final workout.  Congratulations, Michael, you are a true competitor and very deserving of the Spirit of the Throwdown award.

Don’t forget, the good times are going to keep on rolling through the end of this year and on into 2013.  

Bring a Friend (or Two) Days are back on December 6th, 7th, and 8th!  

And don’t forget about our Holiday Party on December 15th.  Oh yeah!


Intermediate Class

Skill:  500 meter row x 2

Intermediate Workout:

10 minute AMRAP ladder of:

8 wall ball shots (20#/14# for women to 11 foot target)

1 power clean (155#/103# for women)

8 wall ball shots

2 power cleans

8 wall ball shots

3 power cleans…keep adding 1 power clean after the wall ball shots

Beginner and All Levels Class

Skill:  500 meter row x 2


10 minute AMRAP ladder of:

8 wall ball shots (normal height)

1 kettlebell swing (heavy)

8 wall ball shots

2 kettlebell swings

8 wall ball shots

3 kettlebell swings…keep adding 1 additional swing after the wall ball shots.


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