Back To It

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with good food, family, and friends.  And if you were brave/crazy enough to venture out on Black Friday, then I salute you as well.

We are less than a week away from our first ever Team Throwdown on Saturday, December 1st.  The excitement is definitely building toward this huge and fun event.  If it’s a slow day at work, and you’re pretty bored, check out this podcast we recorded last week.  We discuss the Rx division teams, clarify some of the rules, and offer some insight and predictions on the workouts.

And a very big congratulations to Emman and Shirley who got married this past weekend!

Monday’s Workouts

Intermediate Classes


Squat cleans  2-2-2-2

20 second AMRAP of ring dips after each set of cleans

Intermediate Workout

4 rounds for time of:

7 squat cleans (155#/103# for women)

14 kettlebell swings (53#/35# for women)

Beginner and All Levels Classes


Front squat 2-2-2-2

15 minute, teams of 2, AMRAP of:

20 one arm lunges (50#/30# overhead in one arm)

10 burpees

20 jumping pull-ups

100 meter run by each team member

Divide the reps, except the run, up anyway.


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