Hang 10, Dude!

It’s Friday, here are some important reminders of all the cool events and coming up.

1.  First, the Whole Life Challenge wraps up tomorrow!  56 days, 8 weeks…you did it.  Now it’s time to put all the accountability and discipline to the test as we redo  the Whole Life Challenge workout from September.  If you don’t remember the WOD, here’s a description:

We will be doing the Whole Life Challenge WOD tomorrow, November 10th, during the 9am and 10am classes.  You can also take your measurements as well.

2.  Olympic Weightlifting Basics class is tomorrow during the 11am class!  Let’s clean up that technique and lift some weight.  No metcon, just speed, strength, power, flexibility, and coordination as we snatch, clean, and jerk.

3.  Then after you work out, come join us for some roller skating boogie.  We’re meeting at the Moonlight Rollerway – 5110 San Fernando Road, at 8pm on Saturday, November 10th.  Who’s up for some skate, groove, disco, and fun?


Skill: Hang power cleans


Workout of the Day

10 minute AMRAP:

15 power cleans (95#/63# for women)

30 double-unders


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