For The Win

Congratulations to several of our Merge women for not only completing The Dirty Girl Mud Run ,but they took first place!
They said they were well prepared for the race and the results speak for themselves.

Great job and congratulations to (from left to right) Lauren, Jen, Sarah, Ellen, Delaney, Steph, and Adriana. And thanks to Coach Cory for supporting the team at the event.


Intermediate Class


Squat cleans



Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
5 pull-ups (chest to bar for advanced)
3 front squats (155#/103# for women)
1 shoulder to overhead

Every minute you fail or take off, row 500 meters at the end

Beginner and All Levels


Front squat



For time, complete:
5 wall ball shots
500 meter run
10 wall ball
400 meter
15 wall ball
300 meter run
20 wall ball
200 meter run
25 wall ball
100 meter run


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