CrossFit and Functionality

CrossFit is all about learning how to move efficiently.  In fact, as CrossFitters, we pride ourselves in knowing that all we do is a functional movement.  As a matter of fact, it not only  improves our ability to CrossFit, but more importantly, it improves our ability to become efficient in our daily lives.  

According to, “CrossFit is built around functional movements, which mimic how we stand, step, and move through everyday life. According to Tony Budding, CrossFit Director of Media and Co-Director of the CrossFit Games, “We have evolved a set of standards for movement that are the most effective, efficient, and safe we know of.” So unlike crunching on a BOSU ball (how often are we doing that in the kitchen?), these strength and balance exercises aim to improve daily activity, making us stronger everywhere— not just at the gym.”

Andrew can back squat an insane amount of weight:

All that hard work and training has prepared him for this; to be able to back squat his friends in Vegas! 😀

CrossFit is simply awesome, wouldn’t you say? 🙂 

How does CrossFit translate into your daily life?  Post thoughts in comments section.

Thursday Skill:

Turkish Get-up – find a 3 rep max. Use any arm, just up and down for 3 reps.

Workout of the Day (WOD):

12 minute ascending ladder AMRAP of:

1 clean (full squat) (95/63)
1 kettlebell swing (70/53)
2 cleans
2 swings…keeping increasing the reps by 1.


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