CrossFit Homework

The more you put into CrossFit, the more you’ll get out of it.  Your progress with CrossFit, and thus your health and fitness, can be greatly improved by doing some homework.  

For most of us, CrossFit involves very new and technical movements (high skilled gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting).  CrossFit involves a new type of training that you may not be used to.  Many of you haven’t done high intensity training before, and it takes practice and mental toughness to work out like this.  To get better at movements and improve my training, I not only practice movements, but I watch videos and read articles on improving technique.  

Here are several websites that I use to help me with my training:

Catalyst Athletics – For all things Olympic weightlifting.  Great articles and video demos on pretty much every barbell lift.

Gymnastics WOD – Handstand push-ups, pistols, muscle-ups…great drills and progressions for developing these movements gaining greater body control.

Mobility WOD – For improving flexibility and position, and for recovery.  

Talk to Me Johnnie – A great resource for strength training, nutrition, attitude and mindset, and just general coolness.

Post some of your ‘CrossFit homework websites’ to the comments.

Friday’s Workout


Intermediate will do hang clean to thruster.  Deadlift the weight, then squat clean to a thruster. 
The bar cannot touch the ground inbetween reps
Workout of the Day (WOD):
12 Tabata minutes (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, alternating movements) of:
Dumbbell thrusters (45#/25# for women)
Box jumps (30″/24″ for women)
Count the lowest score, for each of the movements. 

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