When you’re warming up on a back squat, does your first rep with an empty barbell look the same as your last rep with 200+ pounds on the bar?  Between your first repetition and your 30th repetition, nothing should change on the movement.  The proper and safe mechanics should not change from rep to rep or from a lightweight to a heavyweight.  Consistency in your movements is a prerequisite for intensity in your movements.  

But even more important than consistency in movement is consistency in just showing up.  Here’s the cold, hard truth: your fitness goals are going to take time, practice, and a lot of work day in and day out.  You must establish consistency in your life that enables you to exercise on a regular basis.  It’s not necessarily the former college athlete, or the triathlete that makes the most progress in CrossFit.  Your athletic background matters much less compared to your consistency in just showing up and working out week after week.  

If you haven’t been as consistent in your exercising as you’d like, don’t fret over it.  It’s in the past.  The good news is that today, and every other day, is another opportunity to get back on track and in the gym.   

Intermediate Class:

Split jerk


3 handstand holds for max time between sets of jerks

Workout of the Day:

9 minute AMRAP ladder of:

4 pull-ups

1 clean and jerk (135/95# for women)

4 pull-ups

2 clean and jerks

4 pull-ups

3 clean and jerks…keep adding an additional clean and jerk every round.

All Levels & Beginner Class

1 push press + push jerk, 6 sets increasing the weight

Workout of the Day:

9 minute AMRAP ladder of:

3 pull-ups

1 dumbbell push press/jerk (45/25# for women)

3 pull-ups

2 push presses/jerks

3 pull-ups

3 push presses/jerks…keeping adding an additional push press/jerk every round

Fred and Kevin, two of the most consistent AM Wodders.  


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