The Whole Life Challenge is Just Around the Corner!

First of all, thank you all so much for the birthday love! You truly spoiled me!! 😀

And now on to what’s important…The Whole Life Challenge Worldwide kickoff is this Saturday, September 15, 2012.  On that day, we will have your measurements taken and you will participate in a baseline WOD.  We will use those numbers as a starting to point to gauge your improvement in 8 weeks, once the challenge is over.  This is going to be awesome guys!  If you’ve joined…get pumped!!! If you haven’t, there’s still time!!!  Go to and get on board.

A few more details:

What:  WLC Kickoff day!

When:  Saturday, September 15, 2012 during the normal WOD schedules.  If you can’t be there, let us know and we’ll happily accommodate for you to do the WOD at another time.  If you have family/friends that are not CrossFitters but have joined the challenge, they can come and do the WOD! Bring them by and we’ll get them all set up.

Where:  CrossFit Merge


AMRAP (reps) in 9 minutes of:
7 kettlebell swings ( 24/16)
7 burpees
50m run (25m down and 25m back)
– score is the total number of burpees and kettlebell swings

Measurements:  We can do them for you or you can do them yourselves and submit them to us.

What we’ll need measured:

Both biceps – Measure from your elbow to your shoulder and divide it by half.  That’s where you’ll place the measuring tape.

Waistline – Right at the bellybutton.

Hips – Place the measuring time at the highest point of your buttocks.  That’s the measurement we are looking for.

Thighs – Measure 6 inches from the top of your knee and that’s where you’ll place the measuring tape.

*Be sure that the tape is nice and snug, but not so tight that you’re cutting off circulation!  
*We do not need your weight.
*All measurements will remain confidential.

Monday’s Intermediate


Squat Clean


Workout of the Day (WOD):

10 min amrap of:

6 squat cleans (115# for men/73# for women)
12 pull ups
24 double unders

Beginner and all levels


Kipping pull up and double under practice for 10 minutes.  Then teach hang dumbbell squat clean.

Workout of the Day (WOD):

12 min amrap of:

6 dumbbell hang cleans (40# for men/25# for women)
8 pull ups
40 singles or 20 double-unders

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2 responses to “The Whole Life Challenge is Just Around the Corner!

  • Marianoel

    Tuesday’s Workout

    Skill: 2 press + 2 push presses (5 sets, increasing weight)


    100 burpees for time. At the start of every minute, stop and perform 2 push presses or 3 push presses/jerks for intermediate (135/95) or 70% of a 1 rep max. There is a 10 minute cap on this part, everyone will be finished at minute 10 on the clock.

    Immediately following the completion of the burpees, 1 minute AMRAP of: wall ball shots (20/14).

    Scores for this workout are the time it took you to complete the burpees, or the total number of burpees if you didn’t finish in time, and the number of wall ball shots at the end.

  • Kendra

    AAAAHHH!!!! That picture!!! lol.

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