The Best CrossFit Movement Ever

Say you could only do one CrossFit movement for the rest of your life.  Just one, that’s it.  What would you choose?  

Would it be a weightlifting movement like the kettlebell swing?  

Would you pick a bodyweight movement like a push-up?  

Or maybe you’d just hit the streets and settle on running as your movement of choice.  

Think about all the movements we do in CrossFit and try to pick just one.  Your standards and reasons are up to you.  Pick a movement because it’s your favorite, or pick a movement because you think it’ll give you the most bang for your fitness buck.  Or you could even pick a movement because you think it looks effing cool.  The choice is yours.  What is the best CrossFit movement?

Muscle-ups, they’re pretty cool and develop great upper body strength.


What about some sort of squat?  A great exercise for sure, is it your pick?

The BURPEE!  You can do it anywhere, it gets you tired, it makes you suffer, it’s totally practical, is it the best movement ever?

Post your opinions to the comments.

Thursday’s Skill:

Barbell ‘foam’ rolling

Tabata ring holds and flex arm hangs

Workout of the Day (WOD):

4 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

12 pull-ups (chest to bar for advanced)

36 air squats

A little barbell self myofascial release just for kicks.



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