Why I Need The Whole Life Challenge More Than I Think…

Because I haven’t set a PR on anything in a while.

Because I am asking myself “what’s a PR?”

Because Mocha Frappuccino’s have made their way back into my daily routine.

Because I can “pinch an inch” (or much more) on my waistline.

Because I’ve been lazy.

Because I’ve been watching someone else give it 110%, and I’ve seen their results.

Because it’s almost time for skinny jeans again.

Because I want those 5 darn dead hang pull ups.

Because the kids are back in school.

Because summer flew by along with my dreams for a summer body.

Because it’s football season.

Because those summer BBQs & beers have caught up with me.

Because I can afford $45.

Because I am not afraid of a little competition.

Because I’ve come this far.

Because I know I can be a better version of myself.

Because CrossFitters thrive with encouragement, goal-setting, and structure.

Post by – Candia, CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach

All Classes:


Double-under practice
Then 1 attempt at a max unbroken set

Workout of the Day (WOD):

5 rounds for time of:

60 double-unders (180 singles)
15 v-ups with a bumper plate held in the hands (25# for men/15# for women)
10 kettlebell swings (70# for men/53# for women)
Rest 1 minute


Post times to comments


One response to “Why I Need The Whole Life Challenge More Than I Think…

  • Marianoel

    All levels and beginner:



    3 rounds for time of:

    20 wall ball shots (20/14)
    300m shuttle run
    20 Deadlifts (155/103) meant to be lightweight, less than half of 5 rm

    6:30pm intermediate class only:

    Fight gone bad to let people try to pass the advanced test

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