Whole Life Challenge

Registration for the Whole Life Challenge is in full swing.  I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about in the gym and it’s very exciting!  There seem to be a lot of questions being tossed around, so I figured I’d share with you guys this email from CrossFit Naples, addressing some of the questions going around.  Please ask any of your coaches if you have any questions!

Whole Life Challenge WorldwideThe Whole Life Challenge began with the notion that regular training for your lifestyle in the world is as valuable as regular training for your body in the gym. It grew into a game in which your world is the field, your choices are the movements, and your life is the prize.The Whole Life Challenge is not something you win in the way you are used to winning something. The Whole Life Challenge is not a competition like any you’ve ever taken part in. This is not the Olympics. The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to be honest and create from there. You won’t beat the other players or beat the competition. Make no mistake, however, this is a game and you can win.The Whole Life Challenge is a brand new way of looking at your life. Your whole life. How does it work? Where are your opportunities? What does a life lived inside of a commitment to real, long term, sustainable, practical health, fitness, and overall well-being look like? It certainly isn’t about beating your brains out in the gym day after day. It can’t be about a restrictive, ascetic dietary regimen. And it definitely isn’t living like your health is a problem to solve and your life is something to fix.The Whole Life Challenge is an extraordinary tool. For building. It doesn’t fix anything — it only builds new things. What do you want your life to look like? What excites you, enlivens you? This challenge will have you living a life where you can have it all. You want vibrant health and you want to enjoy all of the exciting things the world offers — work that rewards and play that rewards. When this is over, your work will be integrated with your play. They will cause and support each other, the will no longer sabotage each other.Play this game like you want to know, not like you already know. Be great — Own your perfect days and your breakdown days. Be clear about what works and what doesn’t work. See where you can make a difference that lasts longer than the 8 weeks of the challenge. Do that, and you will transform your life more than you imagine. You can have it all. This is where it starts.Welcome to the Whole Life Challenge? What will you build with it?Important dates for you:

  • August 15-Sept 15: Registration for the WLC
  • September 15: The WLC Prelims (WOD & Measurements)
  • November 15: The WLC Finals

Sign up here: https://www.wholelifechallenge.com/

Cost: $45

Friends & Family Welcome
No CrossFit Experience Needed.

This will change your life!

Who’s excited about the new pull-up bars?! Time to up our game, guys! 😉


One response to “Whole Life Challenge

  • Marianoel


    Pistol practice 


    3 rounds for total reps:

    2 minute AMRAP of:

    5 squat clean to thrusters (135/93)
    25 double-unders

    1 minute rest

    1 minute AMRAP of:


    1 minute rest after the burpees then start round 2.

    Score is total reps, so you can get a lot of reps/points with the double-under.  Cluster weight should be heavy but no one should be failing reps.

    All Levels/Beginner

    Head stand

    Then review the dumbbell front squat


    3 rounds for total reps of:

    2 minute AMRAP of:

    5 dumbbell front squats
    50 single-unders or 25 double-unders

    1 minute rest

    1 minute AMRAP of:


    1 minute rest between rounds

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