I’m Here, Now What?

So you get to the gym ten minutes early.  You’re in your gym clothes, ready to go, waiting for the next class to start, but what do you do while you wait?  You may just sit and patiently wait, but here are five things you can do before class that will pay you dividends down the road.

1.  Wall Squats – You’ll never have a perfect squat, but wouldn’t it be great if you did?  If you arrive early, put your things away, then grab a piece of wall off to the side and practice that good wall squat.  These are not meant to be rushed.  Inch your way closer to the wall, stay on the heels, keep that chest upright, and drive the knees out.  A great wall squat equals great movement in many different movements in CrossFit.  

2.  Ring Rows – I know, the pull-up is a very much desired, yet equally difficult bodyweight movement to do.  It requires considerable strength to do one, and it won’t come without consistent practice.  One way to get stronger with the pull-up is to practice ring rows.  Squeeze the shoulder blades together, maintain a rigid midline, and perform a few sets of max reps of ring rows.

3.  Jump Rope – Let’s be honest, double-unders are cool.  That distinct sound of a jump rope whistling through the air during a double-under turns heads and looks damn impressive.  How do you do double-unders?  You have to practice them.  So practice them for five minutes before class and see what happens with your doubles.

4.  L-sit – Forget crunches and even sit-ups.  Stabilize the midline with some l-sit practice.  Grab the parallettes then practice the l-sit progressions.  Hold an l-sit for 60 seconds, and I bet your back squats is pretty awesome too.

5.  Roll Out – I don’t mean get up and leave.  Grab a foam roller or a lacrosse ball, and roll out your tight muscles.  You should be sore, become less sore and less tight before class with some self myofascial release.  Hips, hamstrings, shoulders, calves…spend a few minutes massaging out the knots and scar tissue.

Got some other activities you like to do before class that make you more badass?  Share them in the comments.

Tuesday’s Skill:



Workout of the Day:

10 minute AMRAP of:

7 deadlifts (225/155)

10 box jumps (24″/20″)

13 wall ball shots (20/14)

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