Whole Life Challenge….Get PUMPED!

Registration opens in just a couple of days for the WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE WORLDWIDE and you’re ALL invited to participate!  In yesterday’s blog entry, you received a bunch of super important information that will be key to your success in this challenge.  In the meantime, as we all ramp up and get pumped for this exciting event, here are some awesome tips from Tim from CrossFit High Voltage in regard to the challenge.  Check it out and read up peeps!  

…And in honor of tomorrow being the first day to register (remember, the actual Challenge Prelims start on Saturday, September 15 at High Voltage), I’ve put together what I’m calling ‘The 7 Stages of the Whole Life Challenge’. This has come from talking to so many of you about the benefits of accountability and participation…be sure to tell me in comments what stage you’re at! My mom, she’s finally reached stage 5! Boom. We’ll all be at Stage 7 on Saturday, November 10 (The Challenge Finals).

1-    Denial: I don’t need a Challenge, I’m fine. (me: Sure you are… have you SEEN this video? Awesomesauce!)

2-    Pain & Guilt: I’m too (insert yours here: busy, tired, perfect) already to take this on. I can’t do a Challenge in September – I’ve only got 4 more weeks to get ready for it, there’s no way I can be ready in 4 weeks.

3-    Anger & Bargaining: That’s not how I already do things! Maybe I’ll watch others do the Challenge, and see if they get any results with all this ‘regular and moderate exercise, improved nutrition, stretching, and fish oils’ sensible approach.

4-    Depression: ‘Everyone else is going to rock the challenge, but not me…there’s NO WAY I can do 8 weeks of this. I always (insert your crutch here), I can’t go 8 weeks without it! Ok, I’ll register, but I doub’t I’ll do well. Everyone else is perfect…everyone but me.

5-    The Upward Turn: Wait, this is actually pretty cool…everyone else seems pretty stoked about the Challenge too…they’re even looking forward to it…what would my life look like if I really took advantage of this awesome opportunity? (me: your life would be even more awesome, of course!)

6-    Reconstruction: You’re DOING the Challenge (starting with the Prelims on Saturday, September 15 at High Voltage) AND…you’re actually living the goals and life that others ENVY. Your friends & family want to register and get in on the awesomeness (and they actually can!).

7-    Acceptance & Hope: You have internalized the process that we’ve designed to help you live your healthiest life ever. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re perfect. This doesn’t mean you earned a perfect score but are miserable. This means you try hard, cut yourself some slack, and know a ton more about how your body operates, avoid the pitfalls that usually diminish your long term results and kick you off track, and saw some amazing results from the 8 weeks. By now you’ve no doubt inspired others in your to try to live healthier…now they’re not at stage 7…they’re maybe at 2 or 3…and that’s OK – you were there just a few weeks ago, remember?

Intermediate Skill:

Clean and Jerk


Workout of the Day (WOD):

5 rounds of:

9 clean and jerks (60% of skill weight)
9 wall ball shots (20# for men/14# for women)
9 burpees

Beginner/All Levels Skill

Push Presses


Workout of the Day (WOD):

Same Workout, sub dumbbells for cleans and push presses

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One response to “Whole Life Challenge….Get PUMPED!

  • Marianoel

    Miguel’s Birthday WOD
    8 rounds
    14 Box jumps
    14 Push ups
    14 weighted lunges 45/25#
    14 Air squats
    After 4th and 8th round run 500m shuttle

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