Shut Eye

You’re working out doing CrossFit.  Your breakfast switched from a coffee and a muffin to scrambled eggs and salsa.  You drink more water and cut out soda.  But things still aren’t clicking.  You still have a little bit a flab that just won’t go away.  You’re still feeling a little off or lethargic during your workouts, and your mind is off and you don’t feel too productive after lunch.  What’s holding you back you wonder?  It might be your sleep.  

Ask yourself this:  

Do I get 8 hours of sleep a night?  

Do I wake up without an alarm clock?

Do I sleep in a completely dark room?

Do I sleep continuously during the night?

Do I stop watching TV or using my computer at least one hour before bed?

If you’re answering ‘No’ to these questions, you probably need to get your sleep in order.  Sleep is right up there in importance with diet and exercise when it comes to your health and performance.  Need some more evidence of the importance of sleep, then read below.

Sleep: An Undervalued Ergogenic Aid

Chris takes his sleep very seriously, not even waiting for class to end before he gets his ZZZZZ.


2 responses to “Shut Eye

  • Bryce



    20 min AMRAP:

    5 power cleans (145/100)
    10 toes 2 bar
    15 burpees

    Beginners will sub sumo deadlift high pulls and v-ups

    Finisher – Turkish get-up practice, build to heavy 1 rep max.

  • summer

    don’t you mean “no” for the first three and “yes” to the last two questions? for some people even 8 hours isn’t enough (i know it’s not for me). there’s no shame in needing more–good sleep makes life good!

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