Rules to Lift Heavier!

We have some pretty darn strong guys and gals in the CrossFit world.  I often wonder what is it that makes them so strong.  In this article by The Strength Shop I found some really good “rules” to lift like a man (or Lindsey Valenzuela – for that matter!).  Maybe following some of these might also help you lift heavier!

1. Pick up heavy things
* heavy loading ensures you are using major muscles in the legs and back with compound movements like deadlifts and squats which increases testosterone, builds muscle, and gets you jacked

2. Start squatting heavy
* increase your hip mobility for better range of motion and super speed, with tree trunk thighs

3. Stop worrying about your “6 pack”
* when you focus on quality nutrition and superior performance, your 6 pack will take care of itself

4. Stop making excuses
* everyday millions of people have it worse off than you, you live like a rock star compared to the world’s majority and you don’t even realize it, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start getting stuff done. If you got out of bed today, then there is no reason you can’t go be awesome

5.Carry heavy loads
* loaded conditioning is one of the best ways to pack on real muscle and build stamina that resembles a human Clydesdale

6. Press heavyweight
* pressing heavy things over your head is one of the best things you can do, bench pressing, dips and push-up variations are the foundations to building boulder shoulders and a chest and gut carved from granite

7. Crank pull-ups everyday like its your job
* it is your job, get to work, few things compare to the functionality or create a stronger and healthier torso than pull ups, any and all variations

9. Don’t do curls in the power rack. Leave the rack for the big boys
* do your curls at home when no one else is watching, squat in the rack

10. Stop eating like a little girl
* every girl I ever dated ate goo, don’t eat goo, eat meat and vegetables, do it like a man

11.  Eat powerful foods
* the most powerful foods are quality sources of protein, antioxidant rich berries, nutritionally dense vegetables and high quality fats like nuts, seeds and avocados, learn more about it..

12. Train at least 3 days a week
* you can’t expect too much change with a sporadic effort, try to get some sort of training in every day that you brush your teeth, obviously the intensity will vary

13. Add more weight to the bar
* progressive overload is the best way to make positive changes

14. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”
* life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, kid, if all you ever do is what comes easy to you, nothing will ever be worth talking about and no one will want to hear your story or care about your legacy, being uncomfortable forces adaptation to new stresses, that’s what counts15. Train your back like a beast
* your back is what keeps you healthy and powerful, not to mention those muscles are larger than the muscles in your front, so if you are looking to get jacked and athletic, train your back hard

16. Stop looking in the mirror
* vanity gets to all of us, but stop pretending you’re checking form, and focus on what counts, intensity


17. Don’t worry about “beach season”
* man-season never ends, if you only want to look good for 3 months while you’re playing cornhole on the beach with a Bud Light in your hand, thats cool, but this Man Shit ain’t for you, son

18. Don’t be afraid to train alone
* the majority of my training is done alone because I don’t have the time or energy to hold everybody else’s hand or wait for pathetic training partners making excuses. If you have a solid and reliable crew, thats an awesome thing that will ensure major positive changes, but reliable people just aren’t as common as we would like them to be, rely only on yourself to make real change

19. If you’re injured get help
* failing to ask for advice when you need it is like begging for further injuries, don’t be too big to ask for necessary help from qualified people

20. Find a way to train around injuries. No excuses
* unless you’re in a full body cast laid up in bed, there is something you can do, whether it be static holds, grip work, rehab, eyelid extensions, etc, get it done

21. Hire someone to do your programming
* the best athletes in the world all have coaches forcing them to do the things they need to do to get better, don’t be above outside programming and coaching, I do it, so should you. Like they say, ““A man who tries to be his own coach has a fool for a athlete.”

23. Stop bragging about how strong you think you are
* seriously, no one cares about your numbers, and besides, there is always someone stronger than you to knock you off your pedestal. Be humble and work hard

24. Learn from others who are stronger than you
* never be the big fish in a small pond, while it will fuel your ego temporarily, it’s a surefire way guarantee mediocrity. Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you and stronger than you

25. Lift with others who are stronger than you

26. Admit you do not know everything
* there is no need to try something new everyday, but after a few months of hard work it is time to change things up, take the time and invest in continuing education and set yourself up for success for years to come

27. Do not skip workouts
* everything is contagious, from smiles to yawns. If you’re happy and you smile at someone, they will likely smile back at you regardless of how they feel. Momentum is contagious as well, its hard to stop a boulder that is in motion. But if you stop it, it’s hard to get that sucker going. When you skip workouts you find it more and more acceptable to do so, and that’s not good. You need consistency to be the man you want to be. As Dan John says, “If it’s important, do it everyday.”

28. Have a gut check workout every now and then
* not every workout should be a PR day, nor should you be lying on the ground in piss, sweat and vomiting agony. But occasionally you need to see what you’re made of. Are you built like a bridge or soft as a wet noodle?

29. Sprint and jump often
* nothing will generate more power and peak muscle contractions like jumping and sprinting. And they are simple enough that anyone who is not a rank novice can do fairly safely and get great results.

30. When in doubt, don’t be a p***y
* at any given moment in time, right now for example, pretend there was a camera on you and the entire world is watching. You are the halftime show for the Super Bowl. You are gonna carry the torch out to open the Olympic Games. Everyone you have ever known and loved is watching you. Who are you going to be? Are you going to be someone that inspires and motivates? Or are you going to be the guy that causes everyone to change the channel? Don’t be a let down. Be inspiring and take charge right now. There is no tomorrow. Start right now and get moving, even if it isn’t the perfect direction, it is easier to turn than it is to get up and take your first step.  Trust me, once you’re moving you’ll be glad you started, and you’ll be the inspiration to make change in all the people around you, including yourself.

Intermediate Skill:

Clean and Jerk


Workout of the Day (WOD):


30 clean and jerks (135 # for men/95# for women) for time

Sled Relay Race

Beginner and All Levels Power Hour

Front squat 5×5 same weight

6 x 40 yard sprints – record the fastest and slowest times

Sled Pull

Post Times to Comments


One response to “Rules to Lift Heavier!

  • Marianoel

    Thursday (all levels and beginner)

    1 press + 3 push presses x 5 sets, increase the weight each set

    All classes WOD
    15 minute AMRAP of:
    Run 100 meters
    10 burpee pull-ups

    Intermediate skill: push jerk 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

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