Please Pardon Our Dust

🙂 we are under construction 🙂

Our expansion is fully on its way!  Walls are being knocked down, things are getting shifted, and there is something going on left and right.  All these exciting changes are being done to provide you with more room, more equipment, and an overall better experience here at CrossFit Merge.  As exciting as this is, we understand that the dust and noise can be a bit of hassle for you.  We are therefore so grateful for your patience with us!  The noise and dust will only be there for just a couple more days and then things will be back to normal.  As someone said earlier today, these are just growing pains.  And we are certainly growing for the better!

And the walls are gone!

Classes are still on!!!


Intermediate Skill:  

Hang power cleans


Workout Of the Day (WOD):

10 rounds for time of:

Run 100 meters
1 power clean (135# for men/93# for women)
3 hang cleans (full squat)
2 shoulder to overhead (thruster the last hang clean is okay)

Beginner and All Levels Skill:

Front squat


Workout of the Day (WOD):

3 rounds, each 5 min long of:

Run short block, max front squats
Run short block, max burpees
Run short block, max front squats

Score total reps.  Use ~60% of front squat skill weight

The noon class didn’t fear the dust and noise!

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2 responses to “Please Pardon Our Dust

  • Marianoel


    All classes Skill:

    4 rounds of run 400 meters, rest exactly 90 seconds. Keep track of the total time including rest.

    Intermediate WOD:

    12 minute AMRAP of:
    6 dumbbell squat snatches (40/25) one arm
    6 dumbbell squat snatches with the other arm
    24 double-unders

    Beginner and All Levels WOD:

    12 minute AMRAP of:
    6 weighted squats (45# bumper plate/25# bumper)
    6 overhead lunges with same bumper, 3 reps each leg
    24 double unders or 72 singles

  • Tulia

    I’m loving this wod… 😀

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