New Schedule and Fine Print

Okay, here’s the class schedule that is going to begin on Monday, July 2nd:

This is based on your feedback to have more intermediate classes during the evening and to keep Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday classes starting on the half hour.  I know the time changes might be a little confusing at first, but I’m sure you will make the adjustment fairly quickly.  

Capped Classes Fine Print

Remember too, that this expanded schedule also has a capped class policy of 14 athletes.  We want to keep the coach-to-athlete ratio small to ensure you get the quality coaching you deserve and pay for.  

How will capped class policy work you might ask?  Answer: there will be a sign up sheet in the office, and the first 14 to show up and sign in will be guaranteed a spot in the class.  Depending on the WOD and time of class, we will make exceptions and allow more people into the class.  We’ll usually make exceptions on weekend classes and the last class of the day, but don’t assume that will work every time.  If you show up 10 minutes early, you should be fine.

Remember, this new schedule is going to start on a trial basis to see what works and what can work better.  

We are rolling out several new events in the next few months that are going to be very exciting.  We also have a huge announcement coming very soon!  Stay tuned and thanks for your patience and feedback.   


One response to “New Schedule and Fine Print

  • Bryce




    Complete 4 sets of the complex:
    3 power snatches
    3 snatch grip push presses (behind the neck)
    3 overhead squats

    Increase the weight for each set.


    5 rounds of:

    5 overhead squats (135/93)
    15 hand release push-ups
    30 double-unders

    All Levels/Beginner

    Front squat

    5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3

    5 rounds of:

    5 front squats (70% of skill weight)
    15 hand release push-ups
    30 double-unders or 90 single-unders

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