Get Ready…

Thank you to everyone for responding to our survey and coaching check-in.  Your feedback is invaluable.  We have many projects and ideas in the work to make CrossFit Merge an even better gym and experience for you.  So stay tuned as some good things are coming your way soon.  

CrossFit philosophy link: CrossFit Foundations

Recipe link: Grilled Eggs with Mexican Chorizo

Pearse stepping up his game and tackling the intermediate classes.  Nice!


2 responses to “Get Ready…

  • Bryce




    2 power cleans on the minute for 10 minutes.

    Try to pick a heavy weight from the start and stick with it, or you can move up if it seems too light by minute 4 or 5.


    10 down to 1 reps of:

    Power cleans (155/103) or about 75 to 80% of the skill weight
    Burpee pull-ups

    All Levels & Beginner


    Pick a thruster weight (65, 75, 95 for men, 33, 43, 63 for women) then get as high up the ladder as possible.
    Start with 3 reps, put the bar down, rest less than 1 minute, then perform 6 thrusters, put it down, rest less than 1 minute. Keep trying to go up by 3 thrusters until you cannot do it any longer.


    10 down to 1 of:
    Thrusters (scale to get at least the first 10 reps unbroken, base it off of the skill)
    burpee pull-ups or burpees for beginners

  • Len

    So the all level skill looks a thousand times more painful for some reason today lol

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