Athlete Spotlight – Steph Massey

Steph has got be one of the sweetest, most dedicated, coolest gals at our box!  She is truly the epitome of an athlete.  Everything she does is with determination.  Her growth as a crossfitter has been incredible!  She’s always setting PR’s and truly getting stronger by the day.   Her positive attitude and consistency are what makes her as awesome as she is.  Plus, she’s a huge animal lover!!!  So enough of my talking, hear it directly from Steph 🙂

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A little over a year.

How did you hear about CrossFit Merge?

My husband works at Gracie Barra jiu jitsu. A year ago, Bryce happened to stop by and drop some flyers off. My husband thought it was something I’d be interested in so he brought a flyer home. The rest is history.

What was your first CrossFit Merge WOD experience like?

Haha…. I can’t remember the WOD, I just remember being super sore and unable to walk the next day.

What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

Outside of work & CrossFit, I dedicate my life/time to helping animals. I do this by following a vegan diet and by coming to the aid of feral cats. I trap, neuter and release or rehome feral/stray cats.

Trap/neuter/release is a method of humanely trapping unaltered feral cats, spaying or neutering them, and then releasing them back to their initial location. In some cases I am able to find permanent homes for them. This method has been proven to be an effective and humane way to cut down on the feral cat population. It also improves the lives and health of the cats.

What is your greatest CrossFit Merge accomplishment thus far?

Getting 3 PR’s in one week.

What is your favorite WOD?

The 5 bear complex with double-unders.

What is your least favorite WOD and why?

I would have to say Murph (too many push ups for my liking).

What advice would you give a new member?

Keep a journal, attend class regularly and get a CrossFit buddy … or two.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

May 31, 2012 – first time doing kipping pull-ups with no assistance in a WOD.

If I were to open your refrigerator right now, what would I find?

Random vegan condiments, rice milk, coconut milk, water, an assortment of vegetables and a bottle of kitten antibiotics.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

Still training hard, still helping as many animals as I can and still living a compassionate lifestyle.

Steph, thank you for being part of our CrossFit Merge family.  It’s people like you that make it so enjoyable for all of us.  And for the rest of you, make sure you talk to her about adopting a kitty!!!  😀

Monday’s Skill:

Split Jerk (for intermediate)


Push Press (for beginners)


Workout Of the Day

21-15-9-15-21 reps of:

Wall ball shots (20# for men/14# for women)
Box jumps (30″ for men/24″ for women)

Post times to comments


One response to “Athlete Spotlight – Steph Massey

  • Marianoel


    All Classes

    Front Squats

    3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

    7 min AMRAP of:

    7 air squats
    7 box jumps
    7 burpees

    Intro retest WOD

    Finisher with Tabata sprints

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