CrossFit While Not At Merge

Say you can’t make it into the gym.  No worries.  I get it.  Things happen.  No big deal.  Tulia doesn’t let that stop her.  Check out Tulia’s workout at home.

Take it away, Tulia:

This is what I do at home.  I love box jumping, yeah I do.  I feel it works my legs and butt big time.  So when I’m not at Crossfit Merge I try to do different things that will work on those big muscles.

I just put this WOD together and did it.  I combined the movements after learning from the best of course, the CrossFit Merge Coaches.

I did this one for time.  Now remember I’m still a beginner, you can all mix and match as you wish to make it harder or lighter.

30 box jumps (I got the best coffee table to do this :))

30 squats with the dumbells (25lbs for me, a girl)

30 lunges with or without dumbbells 

30 sit ups with one dumbell

30 push ups (I hate these)

30 dumb bell snatch (15 on each arm)

Time yourself.  I did it in about 13 minutes…not bad for a home work out when you got no coach keeping you on your toes… 

Thanks for the WOD, Tulia.  Not quite sure about the box jumps on the coffee table, however.  I spent quite a few days grounded for jumping on the furniture, in fact, it happened just last week.

Got any favorite WODs that you do at home or away from the gym?  Share them in the comments.

Tuesday’s Skill:

Kipping pull-up practice followed by a max set.

Workout of the Day (WOD):

4 rounds, each round is 2:30, for max reps of:

-Run 100m
-10 wall ball shots
-Max burpees in the remainder of the time
-Rest 30 seconds

*Round 2 is the same except 10 burpees and then max wall ball shots the remainder of the time.

*Round 3 is back to wall ball shots then burpees.

Megan getting stronger so she can get a pull-up.

A ravenous pack of CrossFitters hungry for a workout.


3 responses to “CrossFit While Not At Merge

  • Bryce

    Power snatch

    2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2


    2 mins max overhead squats (115/73)
    (1 rep = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 mins max double unders
    (every 10 dunders = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 mins max push-press (115/73)
    (1 rep = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 mins max air squats
    (every 4 reps = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 mins max burpee lateral hops
    (every 2 reps = 1 point)

    Score max points


    Skill: rowing practice and then a 300 meter time trial

    2 min max goblet squats (use 53, 35, or 26#) 1 rep = 1 point
    Rest 1 minute
    2 min max single unders (20 reps = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 min max calories of rowing (1 cal = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 min max box jumps (2 reps = 1 point)
    Rest 1 minute
    2 min max air squats (4 reps = 1 point)

    Power hour

    Find your 1 rep max deadlift


    5 – 5 – 5 – 5

  • Tulia

    oh my mouth was open again…. 🙂

  • Tracey Carpenter

    Tulia is a sassy beast!

    Las Vegas WOD

    100 standing side crunches each side (here is how you can look like a dork too- I didn’t have weights so I used my backpack)
    60 situps
    30 girly pushups
    40 air squats
    10 burpees (I was going to do more, but I hate them with the flames of a thousand suns).
    10 groiners

    hold a plank for 90 seconds x3

    Totally counts right?!

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