Athlete Spotlight – Jeff & Tulia Milano

Let me introduce to you Jeff and Tulia.  This couple is dedicated and consistent and I can’t brag enough about them.  They come in week in and week out and give it their all in every WOD.  They are encouraging of all the athletes in the gym and have an awesome disposition regardless of what we may throw their way.  Fun and fearless would be the first 2 adjectives I could think of to describe them.  They rock!  Get to know them better, they are sure a treat to have around!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Jeff!!

And the lovely Tulia!!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Four months now for real. We were doing some workouts at home prior to that, but it was not the same.

How did you hear about CrossFit Merge?

Our business partner and his wife do this and highly recommended it.  

How long have you been married?

Since November 2011, literally newly weds.

Tulia, what was the first thing Jeff ever said to you?

Oh no… We’ve told this story a lot because it was something to remember for sure. We meet 12 years ago, believe it or not. In Washington DC, May 1999. Jeff and I happened to be in the same town for a human rights rally that I was organizing at the time.  Long story short…. Jeff drove in from New York and we met officially in the subway. He looked at me and said “Hi” with that New Yorker look, you know the one like Joe Tribbiani from Friends sort of “How you doin”.  And I looked at him and said I’m married!.   He looked back and said “Happily?”. I just looked at him again and I was super red I walked away, thinking in my head oh my god, he is trouble, and he is so cute, I have to walk away!  

Jeff, what is your first memory of Tulia?

Well, similar to what Tulia said, but a few minutes earlier. I was walking down the subway platform with a friend of mine and he had just been asking me what kind of a girl I like. I looked about 10 feet in front of me and saw Tulia – though I didn’t know her at all at the time – I pointed to her and said, “Like that girl – that’s exactly what I like.” Well, that moment turned into a dare to go talk to her and the rest is history.

How has doing CrossFit impacted your married life? Do you talk about WODs over dinner? Do you help/encourage/etc each other?

I guess some whereby some couples might get married and get fat together as they let themselves go, we don’t. We support each other to keep the sweets and sugar off the shopping list, out of the house and out of our mouths when we’re eating out.

I wouldn’t say we talk about the WODs over dinner – we’re far more interesting than that. But when we are at CrossFit we focus and that’s all there is to do. We are there for an hour and better put all you got into it.

What are your favorite WODs?

Tulia: anything with squats and weights. I try to like everything, because the moment you hate a WOD or dislike it – it gets harder and harder to do. Very true for me.

Jeff: I like most of them, but I’m not a fan of box jumps, running or jumping rope. I enjoy most of the calisthenic routines and using the weights, but anytime box jumps, running or jump ropes are involved, I can’t wait till it’s over.

What are your greatest Crossfit accomplishments individually and as a couple?

Tulia:  As a Beginner, being able check stuff off in that Yellow Sheet test rocks…. 🙂

Jeff:  Watching the videos of CrossFitters flying through their work-outs is kind of intimidating at first, but I’m happy to be able to sustain the work-outs as well as I can – even though I’m tired as hell during them.

What have you told your friends about Crossfit Merge?

Well we are really blunt as most of you have seen…so we usually tell them if you wanna get in shape, don’t be a pussy and do CrossFit. We don’t wanna hear about yoga or machines or P90X. We tell them to just do it, 2 – 3 days a week and get it over with and then get on with your life.  

What words of advice would you give to newbie crossfitting couples?

Don’t be partners at CrossFit, not a husband and wife, oh no….  and do as much as you can, you have to push hard but you know yourself more than anyone else, so you decide how much weight you can do, no one else. It’s a great activity to share with each other, but don’t actually work-out with other in pairs – in a group, no problem – but pair off with another girl or guy who’s somewhat like you physically – otherwise you’ll just drive each other – and Bryce and Cory – crazy.

What is something that coaches always tell you and you never pay attention when you should?

It’s 70% diet – 30% work out. It’s so true it’s not even funny, it works 100%.

What reality show do you wish you could be a part of?

My own! But there is no drama in our lives, so it could be kind of boring. If a camera crew ever tried to follow Jeff around all day, he’d probably go “Russell Crowe” on them.

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Getting ready to move to Argentina and hopefully open a CrossFit there because there are none!

Keep up the good work! We’ll be sure to head down to Argentina and WOD it up at your box 😉

Monday’s Intermediate Skill

1 press, 3 push presses, 5 push jerks

4 sets, increasing the weight each set.  No re-racking between the lifts.

Workout of the Day (WOD):

4 rounds for time of:

12 burpees
12 dumbbell clean and jerks (45# for men/25# for women)
Farmer’s carry with dumbbells to driveway and back

Beginner/All Levels Skill:

1 press + 3 push presses

4 sets, increasing weight each set

Workout of the Day (WOD):

15 minute AMRAP of:

7 burpees
7 push presses (using 50% of skill weight, barbells or dumbbells)
200m run

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