6 Straight Years

That’s how many years my favorite athlete, Chris Spealler, is going to be competing in the CrossFit Games.  He is the only athlete to compete in all of the CrossFit Games.

His trip to this year’s CrossFit Games was far from certain.  He entered into Sunday’s Regional competition sitting in 4th place, only the top 3 would make it to the CrossFit Games.  It was going to take an unbelievable performance from him on Sunday to make it to this year’s Games.  Watch the video highlights to see how he was able to pull it off.

Wow!  Totally fired up to train this week after seeing Chris make this comeback.


One response to “6 Straight Years

  • Bryce




    1 clean and jerk on the minute for 10 minutes


    7 rounds for time of:

    100m run
    6 clean and jerks (bodyweight/67% bodyweight for women)

    Beginner/All Levels


    3 front squats + 1 push press
    4 sets, increasing the weight


    Run or row 1000 meters
    50 thrusters (45#/33# for women)
    30 pull-ups

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