Don’t Make My Mistakes: The 10 Things I’ve Learned From Doing CrossFit

This is great advice for everyone.  Take the time and read this!

Don’t Make My Mistakes: The 10 Things I’ve Learned From Doing Crossfit
By Avery Wittkamp

I’ve been involved with Crossfit for the past five years as a participant and coach. Early on I made some rookie mistakes, but would vow to never make them again. Then I would make the same mistakes again a few weeks later. And, I see other Crossfitters making these same mistakes all the time, too. So it might be useful to some of you to learn from the wizened voice of experience, or just to hear a few tips I learned the hard way.

1) Your background is not your destiny, (but it’s what you have today).

Unlike Coach Sara, I am not a former gymnast. I did a bunch of endurance sports. This meant that I wasn’t all that strong. I could run and run, but overhead stuff? Forget it. It wasn’t until the beginning of my second year that I got an unassisted pull up, which made me realize that I could do things I thought were impossible (or didn’t like). But during that first year, I spent a lot of time secretly comparing myself to other women and feeling like I wasn’t making enough progress. What a waste of energy!

Stop comparing yourself to other people. OK, you can do it a little tiny bit for inspiration, but not to run yourself down, and definitely not as an excuse to quit. If, like me, your background is in running, then you probably need to work on strength and comparing yourself to Brian D., Olympic weightlifting wunderkind, who has been diligently lifting for years is DUMB.

Read the rest of of Avery’s advice here.

Bulky, right?


3 responses to “Don’t Make My Mistakes: The 10 Things I’ve Learned From Doing CrossFit

  • Bryce


    Squat cleans

    3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

    5 rounds of:

    7 squat cleans (135/93) or use 65% of skill weight
    9 hand release push-ups
    12 pull-ups


    Run 400 meters x 3, rest 1 minute between. Score total time running and rest.

    15 minute AMRAP:

    5 knees to elbows
    10 wall ball shots
    15 sit-ups

  • Icee

    All great advice! With just the short time I have been doing CF, I’ve learned it is more than just training for physical fitness, but for toughening up the mental game as well. And thanks for posting a pic of Camille! I ❤ her! Great role model!

  • Russell

    Thanks for the great article. Definitely “bingo” on #1, 4 and 5. Coming into athleticism much later in life, it’s a wee bit different than those who’ve always been fit/ter. But I’ve noticed gains in the few months I’ve been here, which gives me great hope!

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