Rich Froning Jr and You

Rich Froning Jr is the best at what he does.  When it comes to throwing a triumphant fist in the air, shirtless of course, he wins, hands down.  He’s also a beast at CrossFit.  

Rich is a champion, the winner of the 2011 CrossFit Games.  He’s a professional CrossFitter that trains full time.  He’s a sponsored athlete, performs multiple workouts a day, and is positioning himself to be the first back to back CrossFit Games winner.  Yeah, he’s that good at CrossFit.  And there are many others in the world that are incredible, full time, CrossFit competitors, that do mind-boggling workouts in unbelievable times.  And here’s the thing, you’re not Rich Froning Jr, or Kristan Clever, or Annie Thorisdottir, or Chris Spealler.  

That’s an obvious statement, but because we often do the same workouts as these professional athletes, it makes it easy to forget that you shouldn’t compare yourself to them.  For instance, when you watch a professional basketball game, do you say, “Why can’t I dunk like Kobe?”  Or when you see a major league hitter crush a 500 foot home run, do you wonder why you can’t hit like Albert Pujols?  Of course not.  You simply marvel at the accomplishment, knowing that these gifted athletes are the very best at what they do.  So why would you compare yourself to Rich or Annie when you see a video of them working out?  

Everyday at CrossFit Merge we have athletes that reach personal goals that they never thought they would do.  You should absolutely celebrate those accomplishments and not get wrapped up in what the pros of our sport are doing.  As CrossFit continues to grow, we will see more and more of a separation of the professionals and the everyday people just looking to be fit and healthy.  So next time you struggle through a workout, or trip up on a double-under, remember that your goal should be to get just a little bit better each day.  

Ellen got he first pull-up recently.  So now she’s naturally training to beat Chris Spealler’s record of 106 consecutive pull-ups.  

Tuesday’s Skill


5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tabata (count the low score):

Pull-ups (Chest to bar for advanced)

Wall ball shots (20#/14# for women)

Hand release push-ups


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