It’s a Mental Game

How to Get Better at CrossFit? It’s a Big Mental Game!

Often times our fears and insecurities don’t allow us to move forward and achieve our dreams.  “Think positive thoughts” is a common phrase we often tell ourselves or those around us.  Ultimately we have come to realize that more often than not,  positive thoughts lead to positive results.  This same concept holds true in your CrossFit training.  The following excerpt from Your Mental Game vs. The CrossFit Games has some very interesting ways of targeting your thoughts while faced with a challenge.

“Focusing on the wrong thing for five seconds could cause you to miss a PR in “Annie.”  Having negative thoughts right before you approach the rack may cause you to miss a jerk.  Spending energy thinking and reacting to uncontrollable factors will lead to major letdowns in your performance. Telling yourself you are tired will cause you to slow down.  Your thoughts and emotions will simply make or break your performance, regardless of your unbelievable physical capacity. You cannot be consistently successful in CrossFit with a poor mindset.

So, What Do I Really Need To Know To Lift More & Move Faster?

Start conditioning your mind. Train it, and continue to condition your mental game. Trying to quickly answer “how do I improve my mental game” is like trying to quickly explain “how do I get better at CrossFit?”But, here are five solid tips.

1. Realize every single competitor wishes he or she were more prepared, had just a bit more time to train weaknesses, or could be a little stronger. You are a work in progress and are simply seeing what you are capable of at this moment. You have trained hard and you are as prepared as you need to be to compete your best.

2. Create a ‘go to’ mantra. This is your thing, true to you, that will get you going when you’re flat out exhausted between reps or stuck at a movement. Keep it short and sweet.

3. Get in your zone; focus on your space and your bar. When it is go time, bring your focus to your movement, your steady breathing and your positive thoughts and mantras. Keep your stare intent and focused in your zone.

4. Negativity kills. Listen to what you are saying about the workouts, your coaches, competitors, and how HQ runs the event. Negative talk gets you nowhere and has a detrimental “carryover effect” to your actual performance. Try doing a max L- Sit telling yourself that you suck, you are weak, and you can’t do it anymore because it’s too hard (repeat that over and over in your head). Try again saying “strong as hell, nothing can stop me, this is easy.” You choose your words, vocally and internally. Choose positive ones.

5. Break your reps and sets down. Before an event, think and visualize through the entire workout and each movement completely. During the workout, take it set by set, tell yourself, “just three more” or “one minute of work.” Break down long AMRAPS and lots of reps into shorter (or smaller) portions. You can always get yourself to do two of anything. Don’t think about all aspects of the workout you still have to complete.”

So bring on the positive thoughts and tackle those WODs!

Wednesday’s Skills

1 rounds for max weight of the following complex:

5 deadlifts
5 hang cleans
5 thrusters
5 push jerks

No setting the bar down.

Workout of the Day (WOD):

6 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts (115# for men/78# for women)
5 hang cleans
5 thrusters
5 push jerks

Beginner’s Skill

1 press + 5 push presses
5 sets, increasing in weight

5 rounds for time of:

200 meter run
5 dumbbell front squats
10 dumbbell push presses

Power Hour

5 rounds for max load of:

5 deadlifts
5 hang cleans
5 thrusters
5 push jerks

Rest as needed between rounds

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