My Top Winter Throwdown Highlights

The CrossFit Merge Winter Throwdown lived up to the hype, brutal WODs, close competition, drama, excitement, and so many great moments.

Here are my top highlights from the Throwdown:

#6: The Food!

Right as we finished up the first three events, Good Greek Grub rolled up to deliver some much needed food to satisfy our cravings and refuel our bodies after multiple workouts.  Huge thanks to Dino for bringing the truck out.

Best quote from the Throwdown regarding the food, “A tiebreaker WOD?!  I better stop eating now.”

#5: The Women’s Rx Division

Two brave ladies stepped up and took on some really tough WODs.  73# overhead squats, 153# deadlifts, toes to bar, hand release push-ups, 30# dumbbell push presses, Leslie and Marianoel displayed skill, technicality, strength, endurance, and just sheer guts at they battled back and forth through 4 workouts.  This was truly inspiring.

#4: Brian’s Return

At our first Throwdown in December, Brian went for a huge power clean and injured his leg; major bummer as he wasn’t able to squat or do much of anything with his legs.

But Brian being Brian, refused to let that stop his training.  He showed up, did substitute exercises, and smartly trained around his injury to maintain his strength and conditioning.  Just in time for the Winter Throwdown, he was back in action and ready to get after it.

And that he did.  Despite being the only one willing and able to compete in the Rx Division, he put it all on the line for every workout.  So awesome to see Brian throwing down.

#3: The First Time Competitors

So many people, both new and old to CrossFit, decided to compete for the first time.  Maybe you played sports in the past, maybe you didn’t, but it’s pretty likely that you don’t compete much anymore.  Well, that wasn’t the case yesterday.

Sarah T, Sarah D.W, Krixa, Chris S, Delaney, Pablo, Russell, Annelise, and Amanda took on the challenge of performing multiple workouts.  I was so proud of their effort and courage.

Krixa was shocked at just how much fun she was having mid workout.

#2: Ellen and Stephanie

The Women’s Almost Rx Division was super close.  Ellen had a strong lead going into the final chipper.  But having never done power cleans in a WOD, she struggled, and Stephanie pulled ahead, forcing a tie.

The tiebreaker WOD was a six minute AMRAP of burpees, farmer’s carry, and single-unders.  Stephanie and Ellen were neck and neck and going rep for rep to earn the victory.  In the end, Ellen edged ahead.  It was an outstanding effort from both women after a very tough day of competition.

#1 The Epic Battle Between Len and Kevin

These two tied for second place at our last throwdown, so it was sure to be a close race between these two this go around.  But who would have thought it would have been this close.

Going into the final chipper WOD, Len held a one point lead over Kevin.  Kevin needed to win the chipper to force a tie.

The two moved through the wall ball shots at the same pace.  They completed the sit-ups, power cleans, and then moved to the push-ups.  Kevin took a slight lead on the push-ups and moved to the dumbbell push presses with Len only seconds behind.  The push presses were heavy and taxing on the shoulders, and the 20 calories on the rower offered no relief for the two exhausted athletes.

Kevin, a very strong rower, hopped off the rower first and went on the run.  Len felt himself falling behind but started to make up ground on the run.  Kevin started his 40 air squats just as Len completed his run and began to transition to the squats.

Both men went nearly unbroken on their squats with Kevin finishing just a half a squat ahead of Len.  A photo finish!  They were now tied for first.

The tiebreaker WOD was thrillingly close.  Kevin moved fast on the farmers carry, Len was smooth and efficient with his jump rope, when the dust settled, Len pulled ahead and locked up the win.

Both gave it everything they had and deserve a huge congratulations!

It’s going to be pretty hard to top this, but I’m sure we will for our next Throwdown!


One response to “My Top Winter Throwdown Highlights

  • Larry David

    I was only a spectator but what a great thrill watching all these dedicated athletes giving it their all.

    I think Len is like Sampson, he get his strength from is long hair.

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