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CrossFit Merge recently made it onto the CrossFit.com Affiliate page!  Pretty cool.  If you haven’t read the blog post, check it out:

How to Think About CrossFit from CrossFit Merge

Another one of favorite CrossFit articles is from Freddy Camacho on being WOD Drunk.

Based on the growing lost and found box and expanding collection of water bottles, many of you have been WOD Drunk.

Some pretty nice hoodies in the lost and found box.

Someone was so WOD drunk they almost drank the spray bottle of alcohol.

Post to the comments your worst WOD intoxication.

Tuesday’s Skill:

Kipping Practice for pull-ups and toes to bar

Workout of the Day (WOD):

90 seconds for max reps of:





Rest 3 minutes

Then perform the same number of reps for each exercise for time.  Try to beat a time of 6 minutes.

Post reps and times to comments

Caption Contest.  What did Kevin say to Fred after the WOD?


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