Training Buddies

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to me and training, the hard work and intensity put into every workout is enhanced by the people I train with.  Looking over and seeing a friend beating me at the number of reps motivates me to try harder.  When I’m reaching that point that I want to give up, having words of encouragement and support help push myself just a bit harder.  Having your friends to cheer you on, tell you that you can do it, race with or assure you that you’ll get it next time, makes a world of difference!

Training is difficult, it’s hard, it’s challenging.  Training with others is still hard, but it definitely makes it an experience that is more awesome and rewarding all around!  Stop to think, who is your training buddy?  I encourage all of you to find a training partner.  Someone that can hold you accountable, cheer you on, and challenge you to become even better.

Here are some words from Katie Hogan on Training Partners:

So I just spent the day traveling with two of my closest friends Becca Voigt and Kris Clever.  We met each other over 3 years ago at Valley Crossfit where our journey as competitive crossfitters was only beginning…

Years of training together has brought us very close and we have learned a lot about each other through the long hours and sometimes painful workouts at the gym.  During these years we have also spent time training alone.  Just by way of conflicting schedules and different focuses we have had to train independently of each other at numerous times.  What I have come to realize is how much my development as a crossfitter is enhanced by the people I train with.

Here are my:

5 things I love about training partners

-They push me to improve

By training alongside aggressive, driven, focused athletes, I am forced to raise my level of training in order to keep up.  Whether through their encouragement or more indirectly through their performances I am constantly challenged and motivated to improve myself.

-They bring a positive attitude

On days when I’m finding it hard to get through a workout or tackle a particularly difficult skill, my training partners are there with a positive spin on things.  Somehow they aren’t feeling the overwhelming stress that I am and they have a more balanced perspective.  They can help me attack a weakness instead of moping about how difficult it is.  Training partners are friends that want to help you improve your training, so when they see a need they can jump in and assist.

-They can watch my form

When you train alone it can be tough to recognize things when you might be doing things less efficientlly or when your form is less than perfect.  Having a training partner watch your form and tell you what they see and what they think can be a helpful tool in the gym.  Coaching tips are often subjective, so anytime I can hear a different perspective or original cue I will take it.  You never know what might help and it can’t hurt to try.

-More people = more energy – it’s contagious!

While I have had successes and good training on my own, there is a lot to be said about the energy in the gym when there are more people working out.  I can feed off of my friends and create a more aggressive training environment than when it’s just me.  On days when I’m a little tired and not quite ready to attack a workout, having my training partners around warming up and working out creates an atmosphere of hardwork that I can’t help but be a part of.

-It’s more fun!!!

Training everyday can get monotonous, but seeing your friends at the gym can make it feel less like something you have to do and more like something you get to do.  I love trying to make Becca or Kris laugh and we all end up having fun every day that we are in the gym.  The workouts themselves might not always be the most enjoyable, but somehow having each other we find a way to enjoy ourselves everyday.  I look forward to training mostly because of who I get to train with.  

Wednesday Skill & Workout of the Day (WOD) – All Classes and Power Hour

Back Squat Tower of Power

1 minute of max back squat reps taken from the rack at 135# for men/95# for women(each rep is worth 1 point)

3 minutes rest

1 minute of squats at 185# for men/115# for women(each rep is worth 3 points)

3 minutes rest

1 minute of squats at 225# for men/155# for women(each rep is worth 5 points)

3 minutes rest

1 minute of squats at 185# for men/115# for women(each rep is worth 3 points)

3 minutes of rest

1 minute of squats at 135# for men/95# for women (each rep is worth 1 point)

Score is total points

Post scores and weights to comments

Arien working on the Back Squat Tower of Power
Kara, as she approaches full depth, keeps her cool.
Who would’ve thought that when someone’s holding you back, they’re actually helping you…

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