My Level 1 Cert Experience

Marianoel gives her impression of her CrossFit Level 1 Certification last weekend.

My experience at the Level 1 Certificate program was nothing but excellent! It’s actually quite difficult to narrow down so many great experiences into just one blog entry.  Although it’s hard to find a place where to begin, I will start with this; I cannot begin to emphasize enough how incredibly awe-inspiring it was.  I met, talked to, and was instructed by Katie HoganJason Khalipa, and Josh Everett to name a few.

Being taught how to better teach the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit by Jason Khalipa, while Katie Hogan demonstrated, was in one word, awesome!  Breaking off into smaller groups and getting one-on-one tips on training techniques was beyond belief!  I had the privilege of learning about the details and intricacies of what makes CrossFit an elite program of fitness by some of the most respected trainers of CrossFit headquarters.

We did WODs, which the training staff so lovingly called “treats”, including Fran – which I’m proud to say I set a new personal record on!  I was so impressed by their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.  But don’t let that fool you! They were soooo much fun to hang out with!  Jason Khalipa kept on approaching everybody, wanting to make sure he didn’t come off as “too intimidating”.  When he asked me if I thought he was intimidating, I think my reply was “no way! you’re way too nice…but while you’re WODing it up…that’s a whole different story.”

Katie Hogan was the sweetest, most supportive individual I have ever met in the CrossFit world.  I was impressed by her humility and willingness to help!  She had nothing but cheering and inspiring remarks about all of us while we were doing Fran.

As if all of that weren’t enough, during lunch we got to see all of them in action! WOD’s going on left and right by these incredible athletes was spectacular!  Not to mention oh-so-inspiring.  Clean and Jerks, muscle-ups, handstands, 70 lbs kettlebells, and push-ups performed by some of the world’s fittest athletes was our lunchtime entertainment!

Having attended the Level 1 Cert has helped me gain a whole new respect for CrossFit.  Many think that we are just a bunch of wackos who pull out random exercises from a hopper, perform them, and we call that “The Sport of Fitness”.  But how far from the truth is that!  I learned that there is a beautiful, scientifically-based foundation that embodies the heart of what we do as CrossFitters.  It molds us into virtuous athletes, capable of achieving incredible feats of strength.  Without a shadow of a doubt, we can call ourselves truly fit.  Not just because we are good at one thing, but because we excel in everything!  Those of us that are willing to pour out our hearts with every WOD are part of something huge, something real, something life-changing.  Through it all, I can assure you that this was one of the best, most memorable experiences I have ever had during my CrossFit journey.  I would recommend everybody does it! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

Thursday’s Skill

Rope climbing practice

Wrap Around and S – Method brakes for rope climbing

Double-under practice

Workout of the Day (WOD):

15 minute as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of:

5 pull-ups (chest to bar for advanced)

10 sit-ups (GHD for advanced)

15 double-unders

Post rounds to comments

Sarah works on her rope pulling as her gym mates study her technique.

New member Erik dials in the wrap brake to climb the rope.

Len get some big range of motion on his glute ham developer sit-up.



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